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We love berries. We eat them every day. Sometimes we cook them, sometimes we eat them straight out of the packet. This blog is our way of sharing and showing off some of the ways we use our berries. We've prepared the recipes in our test kitchen - which doubles as our staff kitchen. We hope you enjoy these recipes and ideas as much as we do.

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More Berries with Limoncello

Written by Trisha on November 26th, 2012.      0 comments

While there's still some left in the bottle, we've been exploring other recipes with berries and Limoncello.  What could be simpler than this ...


Orchard Gold Mixed Berries in Limoncello

Iced Berries 1

All we did was open a pack of Orchard Gold Mixed Berries and pour them into a serving bowl - quite a wide one as you want the berries more in a single layer than piled high.  


Pour over 2 tablespoons of Limoncello, stir and leave for a few minutes.  


Then eat.

Iced Berries with sauce

Nigella's Iced Berries with Limoncello

We saw this recipe on Nigellissima Episode 3, from the BBC website link .  It tastes so good, and as she says, it is sooo easy!

Prepare the berries as above, then for the sauce you'll need:

250ml cream

2 tablespoons Limoncello

200g white chocolate, finely chopped

Put the cream and the Limoncello in a saucepan and heat slowly until it is almost boiling, but don't let it boil.

Take off the heat and add the white chocolate.  Swirl the pan around and stir with a rubber spatula until the chocolate melts and the sauce is lovely and thick.

Pour over the berries and serve.



Try it with just raspberries and blueberries too - its simply sublime!  We're having this at Christmas ...