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We love berries. We eat them every day. Sometimes we cook them, sometimes we eat them straight out of the packet. This blog is our way of sharing and showing off some of the ways we use our berries. We've prepared the recipes in our test kitchen - which doubles as our staff kitchen. We hope you enjoy these recipes and ideas as much as we do.

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Raspberry Custard Tarts

Written by Trisha on July 18th, 2013.      0 comments

We love these Raspberry Custard Tarts.  They are very tasty and quick to make ... they take as long as it takes the raspberries to thaw!  

The kids can make them up, yet they are good enough for a flash dessert.    If you don't have custard you can use lemon curd.  They taste great with Orchard Gold Blueberries and Orchard Gold Super Fruits too.

Raspberry Custard Tarts


1 packet prepared pastry tart cases
1 pack prepared custard (we used Meadowfresh thick and creamy)
2 cups Orchard Gold frozen raspberries
Icing sugar to dust (optional)

Spread the Orchard Gold raspberries onto a plate in a single layer to thaw.
Spoon the custard into the tart cases.
Just before serving place as many thawed Orchard Gold raspberries as will fit on top of the custard.
If desired, dust with icing sugar.

Raspberry Custard Tarts 2