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We love berries. We eat them every day. Sometimes we cook them, sometimes we eat them straight out of the packet. This blog is our way of sharing and showing off some of the ways we use our berries. We've prepared the recipes in our test kitchen - which doubles as our staff kitchen. We hope you enjoy these recipes and ideas as much as we do.

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Simon's Blueberry Protein Pancakes

Written by Trisha on May 30th, 2014.      0 comments

Simon Cochrane, Kiwi Ironman and Personal Trainer, gave us his recipe for Blueberry Protein pancakes.  Simon says they're "great for a high protein breakfast or to eat straight after exercise".  This recipe makes 3 pancakes. 

3 eggs
6 heaped tablespoons protein powder (banana or vanilla flavour)
¼ cup milk
½ cup Orchard Gold Blueberries
Optional Extras:  coconut flakes and cinnamon 

Blueberry Protein Pancake 1 Blueberry Protein Pancake 2


Put eggs, protein powder and milk in a shaker and shake well. 

Alternatively, put in a jug and blend with a stick blender.

The mixture should not be too runny.


Pour ⅓ of the mixture into a slightly greased pan (Simon uses a little coconut oil or melted butter).

Sprinkle ⅓ of the Orchard Gold blueberries over the top.

Flip over once the bottom has lightly browned. 

When cooked remove to a plate.

Do the same for remaining the pancakes.

Blueberry Protein Pancake 3 Blueberry Protein Pancake 4

Optional extras:
Add coconut flakes and cinnamon

To serve:

Roll them up, eat and enjoy!

Orchard Gold is proud to sponsor Simon in his Ironman career.  Simon uses all the Orchard Gold berries, his favourites being blueberries and raspberries.  


Orchard Gold Super Fruits (blueberries, blackcurrants and raspberries) would also be great in this recipe.

06 Super Berrries
Simon Cochrane 2