Orchard Gold Breakfast Berries

Berries for breakfast - the "most important meal of the day" according to many nutritionists.  Whether you make smoothies, serve them with your porridge or cereal, or with hotcakes, crepes, french toast, berries at breakfast will give you a great start to the day.

Porridge with Berries
Berries and Porridge or Cereal
Simply thaw your berries the night before, or in the microwave, and add to your porridge or cereal just before serving.  Or simply cook your porridge, add your frozen berries.  The hot porridge will defrost the berries and the frozen berries will cool the porridge.
Berries with Hotcakes, Crepes or
French Toast
Whip up a batch of hotcakes, pancakes, crepes or French toast, and serve with  a delicious Berry Compote.