The Smoothie Collection Rainbow Blend Recipes

Rainbow Yoghurt Bark
Rainbow Yoghurt Bark-509

1 cup The Smoothie Collection Rainbow Blend
1 1/2 cup yoghurt (plain or vanilla)
Optional fresh fruit

Line a shallow baking dish (one that fits in the freezer!) with baking paper and spread out the yogurt.
Add your Rainbow Blend fruit on top, with some additional fresh fruit, if desired.
Freeze for 2 - 3 hours, then use a sharp knife to break into pieces and enjoy!
Rainbow Sorbet
Rainbow Sorbet-24

2 cups The Smoothie Collection Rainbow Blend
1 banana, frozen
Dash of juice (your choice of flavour, orange or apple work well)
Fresh fruit to top

Place the Rainbow Blend and banana into a blender and blend, adding dashes of juice until it reaches sorbet-like consistency.
Top with your choice of fresh fruit and serve immediately.
Rainbow Summer Drink
Rainbow Summer Drink-502

Sparkling water or lemonade
1/2 cup The Smoothie Collection Rainbow Blend (per serving glass)

Simply pour the sparkling water or lemonade into glasses and add some Rainbow Blend into each glass and you have yourself a refreshing (and pretty) summer drink!
Stir gently to release some juice from the fruit for more colour.
Rainbow Ice Lollies
Rainbow Ice Lollies-638

Water or lemonade
The Smoothie Collection Rainbow Blend 

Fill your popsicle moulds with the water or lemonade (or half n half!) about 2/3 full.
Sprinkle in some Rainbow Blend and freeze for a couple of hours.
Enjoy on a nice hot, summery day!


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