18 south 3 berry breakfast berries

Start your day with a smoothie and/or berries with your porridge and cereal.  

For the Berry Smoothie:
1 cup 18 south 3 berry mix
½ a banana
1 cup Juice or milk (or half milk/yoghurt)
Honey or sweetener of your choice to taste
Berries with your Porridge and Cereal:
1 cup 18 south 3 berry mix
Sweetener of your choice, if required.
Hot porridge or muesli.
Berry Smoothie:
Place 18 south berries in a blender with the banana, juice or milk and blend until smooth.  Add more juice or milk or yoghurt to get the desired consistency. Add honey or sweetener of your choice to taste, if required.
Berries with your Porridge and Cereal
Warm the 18 south berries in the microwave or in a small pot on top of the stove.  Add sweetener of your choice, if required.  Mix in with hot porridge or muesli and enjoy.
New Three Berry