Trader Tom's Raspberry Vinegar

Raspberry Vinegar lends a fruity flavour to a vinaigrette or salad dressing, or use to deglaze the pan after cooking chicken or lamb.  

This makes a gorgeous gift bottled in a special bottle, with your own label attached.

Note:  Use a stainless steel saucepan to make this in - not aluminium, as the vinegar will react with the aluminium. 

500g Trader Tom's organic raspberries - whole and pieces

500g white wine or cider vinegar

100g sugar

TT Raspberry
Put the raspberries in a stainless steel pan and mash with a potato masher or similar.  Pour over the white wine or cider vinegar and stir well.  Cover then leave aside for 2 days, stirring occasionally.
Strain the raspberries through a sieve lined with a fine cloth to remove all the fibre.  Leave it to strain for a few hours, but don't squeeze the cloth or push the fruit through as this will make the vinegar cloudy.
Pour back into the stainless steel pan and add the sugar.  Heat to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes.  Skim off any foam.
Leave to cool, then pour into sterilized bottles and cap.  Store in a cool dark place.