Orchard Gold Smoothie Bike

New Zealand’s favourite frozen fruit supplier Orchard Gold brings you a novel fundraiser - our Orchard Gold smoothie bike! It has proven to be a huge hit at school fairs, wellness expos, community and charity events. It's a lot of fun to use and everyone can have a go!
The basic idea is that a person peddles the smoothie bike to drive the blender which you can use to make smoothies to sell at your school fair or fundraising event. For school and charity fundraisers, we waive the normal daily hire fee so the only thing we charge for is the cost of the frozen fruit that we supply. 
The bike comes with two blender jugs, a folding table, a large chilly bin (for the frozen berries) and two display flags to advertise what you are up to.

It takes about 30 seconds to fill the jug with fruit, milk and whatever else you want to add and about 30 seconds to blend them together. Each blender jug is one litre so depending on the size of the smoothies you are making, you should be able to sell about two or three smoothies per minute.

 The bike is available for hire - get in contact with us to find out how we can help out at your next event!

Elvis is in the house!

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Selwyn College's 'Sellwell Week'
- September 2020
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Auckland Transport promoting alternate transport at the Unitec Orientation Week 
- March 2015

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Pt Chev Primary Auckland
- September 2014

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Promoting science to primary age kids as a fun and exciting area of endeavour. 
Smoothie bike used to demonstrate energy and how it flows through us:  

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At Teachings in Dub, West Auckland
- April 2014


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Newton Central School at the Kingsland Festival
-March 2014:
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photo 2
photo 3

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At the opening of Mission Nutrition's new offices, with Simon Cochrane
- April 2014


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