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Where does Orchard Gold fruit come from?
It’s no secret where our fruit comes from. We source from NZ, Chile, Poland, Peru, Serbia, Vietnam, and Canada. We voluntarily print the country of origin on the bag, so you know exactly where
it’s from.
Due to ongoing supply issues, our The Smoothie Collection Naked Wild Blueberries will be out of stock until early 2022. 
We know this is not what you want to hear and please be assured that we are doing everything we can to get these delicious super berries back on shelves.

Shipping delays, severe weather conditions, shortage of crop, and labour issues have created the perfect storm. Here are a couple of independent news articles, so you can see how short the supply is (and remember that they are only grown in the North Hemisphere summertime).
Less Wild Blueberries for Strong Demand
 Blueberry Farmers Warn of 'Disaster' Crop

We appreciate your support and can't wait until 2022 begins!


The packaging of our Orchard Gold ranges are recyclable?
That's right! They are recycled under the number 7. But if your council doesn't collect
no. 7s, you can also recycle the packaging in the soft plastics bins at the front of most
For more information, check out Soft Plastics Recycling here.
Soft Plastic recycling