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About Us

Company History

Ffowcs Williams Ltd was founded in 1979 by Tomos and Jo Ffowcs Williams, and incorporated as a company in 1981. From one employee to 25, from a home office to our current purpose-built 400 pallet cold store and warehouse, from a few thousand dollars turn over to millions of dollars, Tom and Jo led the company through a remarkable growth phase.


Miranda Ffowcs Williams took over the company in 1997 and through the careful building of strategic alliances, Ffowcs Williams Ltd now controls large volumes of export and New Zealand sales, becoming New Zealand's largest wholesaler of berries, having processed and sold hundreds of thousands of tonnes of fruit in various forms.


Ffowcs Williams Ltd's involvement with the berry industry represents over 40 years commitment to the development of quality New Zealand fruit, with a long and successful association with New Zealand growers and industry groups.


Jo’s creativity and enthusiasm meant that her great ideas became real and profitable. She designed the Orchard Gold brand – the first branded fruit nectars and jams in NZ that had no colourings, additives or preservatives. Jo then took Orchard Gold frozen berries to the supermarkets - the first frozen berries in retail packs in NZ.


Now 30 years later, Orchard Gold is still the leading brand of frozen berries in NZ. Along with this Jo built and developed relationships between suppliers, customers, employees, and their families, that continue through to the next generations. There have been many laughs, some tears, friendships made, and stories told. She continues to support and encourage us from her home on the Whangaparoa Peninsula. To contact Jo click here.


Tom gained an MBA from the University of Auckland in 1993 to add to his Master Mariner qualification that he completed while working for the Shaw Saville Line. Tom and Jo retired in 1997 and established a welcoming home and a beautiful garden in Queenstown, New Zealand. Tom planted 5000 tulips and twice that many daffodils and wildflowers on a hillside garden in the shadow of the mountains.


Sadly, Tomos died in 2004. He left us with an incredible legacy of focus on people, passion for our work, commitment to our customers and suppliers, and Fallow Day.

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