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Fruit for Manufacturers

Are you looking for bulk packs of frozen and processed berries? We've got them available all year round. Contact us for more information and sales.


(Individually Quick Frozen)

Blackberry IQF    Passionfruit Cubes seed in IQF
Blackcurrant IQF    Raspberry IQF
Blueberry IQF    Rhubarb Sliced IQF
Boysenberry IQF    Strawberry IQF
Cherry DS & RS IQF    Pink Dragon Fruit IQF
Mango Diced IQF    Pineapple Diced IQF
Spinach Portions IQF    Kale Portions IQF

Gold/Green/Red Kiwifruit IQF


Juice Concentrates

Apple Juice Conc

Banana Juice Conc

Blackberry Juice Conc

Blackcurrant Juice Conc

Blueberry Juice Conc

Boysenberry Juice Conc

Cherry Juice Conc

Cranberry Juice Conc

Elderberry Juice Conc

Guava Juice Conc

Lime Juice Conc

Lychee Juice Conc

Mango Juice Conc

Melon Juice Conc

Orange Juice Conc

Blood Orange Juice Conc

Passionfruit Juice Conc

Peach Juice Conc

Pear Juice Conc

Pineapple Juice Conc

Deionised Pineapple Juice Conc

 Raspberry Juice Conc

Strawberry Juice Conc

Watermelon Juice Conc


Pulps and Purees

Apple Puree

Apricot Puree 
Banana Puree 

Blackcurrant Puree 
Blueberry Puree 

Cherry Puree 
Feijoa Puree 

Guava Puree 
Kiwifruit Puree

Mango Puree
Nectarine Puree

Passionfruit Puree
Peach Puree

Pear Puree
Plum Puree

Raspberry Puree
Sloe Puree

Strawberry Puree

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