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Smoothie Collection

This range of products was designed to add even more convenience to your smoothie-making. Each bag is filled with great ingredients to create a yummy smoothie or give your smoothies the perfect base to add whatever your heart desires. Don't limit their use to just smoothies though, they are fantastic in all recipes using fruit. 

The full range: Devour Your Reds, Blend Your Passions, Crave Your Greens, Rainbow Blend & Taste your Tropics - you will find them in your local supermarket now.

Our newest creation in the Smoothie Collection is Taste your Tropics  - a delicious mix of mango & pineapple with a puree cube containing coconut cream, pineapple juice & lime juice.  You can even use the puree cube in savory dishes, try adding to your rice while cooking for a yummy coconut / lime tang.

TSC Crave Your Greens-19.jpg
TSC Naked Wild Blueberries 800g Front Image High Res-810.jpg
TSC Devour Your Reds-991.jpg
TSC Blend Your Passions-711.jpg
Smoothie Rainbow Blend 1kg FOP.png
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